Dr J

Chairman of Protext Mobility INC

Present Position

  • Chairman/President of Protext Mobility Inc. protxtm.com
  • Chairman/President & CO Founder of RSAMMD Acquisitions LLC rsammda.com
  • Chairman/President of the Republic of South Africa Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (RSAMMD)rsammd.co.za
  • Chairman of National Commodity Board for Cannabis and all Indigenous Flora.

Dr J is a permitted hemp farmer in Newcastle, KZN practicing eco-farming and organic farming on 5000 hectares using the latest technology and artificial intelligence. He practices no till farming and crop rotation. Priorities of hemp farming are education, job creation, poverty eradication and zero waste.

A farm school and feeding schemes are part of the hemp farming operations.

His Hemp Farming includes: Agro-processing of industrial hemp as well as extraction techniques for various uses of hemp, with a special interest in seed technology, cloning, tissue culture. Dr J is working closely with government centres of higher education and is an official hemp permit researcher.

Dr J is working in collaboration with AFASA on behalf of CDCKZN conducting Cannabis Education and enablement workshops throughout SA.

Dr Jamaloodeen is the National Treasurer of CDCSA, Vice- Treasurer CDCKZN.

Cannabis Commodity Board Chairman (NEC)

Indigenous Knowledge Systems Koisan – Branch Head (KZN) and a member of the Griqua National Council.

Dr J is an advocate for “Mass collaboration “using cannabis as the catalyst to unify like -minded people

Throughout the world. Making South Africa the Cannabis Capital of the World- including medicinal

Cannabis, industrial hemp, responsible adult usage, 420 travel, IKS, Education and Expo Speaker.

One World, One Nation


  • Dr Ahmed Jamaloodeen is a registered HPCSA Medical Doctor in South Africa. https://www.hpcsa.co.za/
  • Grand Archon Financial and Economic Chief.
  • Extraordinary Envoy to the Grand Traditional Chiefs of Koisan, who has the mission to Develop our Fraternal Relations of Cooperation, Economic, Socials, Cultures with all the People Without Distinction of Race and Colour or Religion, For the Peace and Prosperity of Man Kind, For the Glory and Love of The Almighty God our Creator.
  • 33º Sovereign Grand Inspector General (S.G.I.G)


Michael House AlumnusView Now
Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa View Now
Barry University – Florida USA: Pre Medicine & Organic Chemistry View Now
UK: Waterford General Hospital, Swindon – Princess Margaret Hospital, Russels Hall Hospital – Dudley , Various in USA, Caribbean and South Africa.
St George’s University – School of Medicine View Now
Trinity College of Music View Now
Director of Companies For Import/Export, Logistics, Automotive, property development, management, investments,
International business, farmer (including hydroponics, grain crops (soya, maize, barley), livestock
Timber, charcoal and pecans) and International Liaison Promoting and Enabling Global Cannabis
Investments and joint ventures into local economies- Making South Africa Great Again.
Mamre - Intensive sheep farming course
Grain SA - Soya commercial crop production / Maize commercial production / Dry lands / Irrigation
Feedloting - Animal management and product handling: Beef production
Bee / Honey farming
Sheep Feedlotting - MEADOW FEEDS
Falkirk Index system - New Zealand
Stockmans course - Dehorning vaccination and branding
Fortis security - Farmers defence course
Extrusion in Food and Feed - University of Pochefstroom

Dr J has been featured on”. Recent publications include:

  • CNN
  • ENCA
  • Newzroom
  • Bloomberg
  • Nasdaq
  • Cannabis Law Report
  • Global News Wire
  • Mcap Media Wire
  • Financial Post
  • Press Reader
  • Benzinga
  • Trading View
  • Micro Cap DAILY
  • Market Screener
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  • News file Corp
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Morning Star
  • Sunday Times
  • Sunday Tribune
  • The Citizen News
  • Mail and Guardian
  • Newcastle Advertiser
  • Cannabis Expo Speaker
  • Keynote Speaker at the African Hemp Summit
  • Canadian Insider
  • MMJ Daily
  • Philippines News Gazette
  • BOJURI (Munich)
  • Stock Titan
  • Grass News
  • IQ Stock
  • Market Watch
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  • ET Net